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About The Idea Company

In a rapidly changing world, which creates ever changing consumers and needs, it is the power of an idea that unlocks solutions.  A Big Idea naturally suggests the best course of action for any challenge.

The belief that every issue can (and must) be seen and understood with multiple perspectives to arrive at a Big Idea, defines the core purpose of The Idea Company. 

This entails us, at The Idea Company, to study an issue, understand its complexity, crystal gaze to predict the most desirable outcome and then codify it as an actionable plan.


What We Can Do For You

We ensure that we adequately understand the challenge and the environment that defines it, in order to ideate for;

man holding incandescent bulb_edited.jpg

Strategic solutions for businesses

We look at each issue, challenge or opportunity from two critical filters – the brand and its consumers.  The solutions we provide strengthen the bond between the two.  


This approach of ours helps create a lasting relationship that improves the worth of the brand and the value to the consumer.  We believe, this adds to the valuation of the business itself and eventually to society – a guiding principle by which we operate.


Result-oriented communication

The world is constantly changing, leading to changing expectations of a consumer from a brand she has been loyal to.  It doesn’t take long for this loyalty to shift, if the stimuli are strong enough.  


In such an environment, it becomes imperative to create the right kind of communication, as much to protect this relationship (indeed, nurture it) as to give the best ROI to the brand/organisation.  This is the outcome we keep in mind when designing communication for any brand. 

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Responsible fundraising

We have vast experience of raising funds for both not-for-profit organisations and for-profit organisations.  We employ appropriate strategies and devise suitable plans to approach the right partners to raise funds from (in the process, also identifying whom not to approach for an initiative).  


This entire process is completely transparent and can stand any financial and legal scrutiny.  This has enabled us to have a good success rate and build a formidable reputation.

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